Little Things In Life…..

Sometimes life gets so crazy, we stop noticing the little things around us that could bring us so much joy. For a lot of people, the shutdowns and quarantines gave them a whole new perspective on life. They started to notice the birds and the clouds,the sunshine and fresh air they were now so desperate to bask in again. People started doing things outdoors as much as they could, after years of not even looking at the green trees or colorful flowers. Dads were teaching their kids to fish,moms were hiking at the state park,kids were actually playing outside!! For me and my friends,our lives hadn’t changed that much at all… other than being jobless!!

Sunset South Santee River

We have been on so many adventures since February! Paddled across rivers and a bay to two different barrier islands, one with a historical lighthouse. Had our annual kayak swamp jam weekend. Did a six day, five night, camping/paddling trip, almost ninety miles! Navigated through a crazy swamp trail and didn’t get lost! Been hiking, biking, fishing and camping countless times, all over the coast, even a few places inland a bit. Been on boats, jumped off rope swings and logs, gone down water slides, and climbed trees! It has been a dream come true to enjoy nature as much as I have been able to lately.

Dusk Fishing At The Pond

I know as much as I have seen people out and about again,and I love watching others reconnect with mother nature, I do know there are many who can’t…… For those, I want to make an effort to retell my adventures and be able to share all the beautiful images and exciting stories. I have shared briefly with my friends on Facebook, and the ones that have been isolated, or working crazy hours as essential workers, seem to appreciate reading and looking at the peaceful content, compared to the alternative.

“Until Next Time…….”

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