Too Long:

And What A Trip It Has Been My Friends….

  Although it’s been over a year since I started this blog,I do promise it has Not been because I was lazy!! Along with the flurry of endless outdoor activities I engage in almost daily,I had started classes online and it was recommended by my instructor to put this new endeavor on hold while I learned the ropes.And I felt like I was on a ropes course at times there was so much to learn!! I have had so many adventures over this year,and I’m very anxious to share my stories with you…I will keep these shorter than my introduction,and Try my best to stay in chronological order!!

What’s Up?!

“Stubborn As A Mule”

    This is my favorite horse,a mule named Maddie!! She’s part Tennessee Walker,and not only is she beautiful and fun to ride,she’s full of personality!! I never thought I’d choose a mule over a horse,but as they say,can’t help who you fall in love with! She is a rescue,and is proof what love and patience can do to turn things around for an abused animal.My friend that rescued her could have given up on her many times,but never did,and has given her a loving home and a wonderful life.I fell in love with her almost immediately,and it makes my day every time I get to ride her!

   There’s nothing like being around a horse….brushing them,giving them treats,tidying up after them,(Hey,they’re just like big dogs,ha!),just listening to them breath and the sound of their hooves on the road,it’s a peace that can only be experienced.I’m lucky enough to get to ride Maddie (as well as many other amazing ponies!) along the beach or in the woods and along the long dirt roads.It’s so serene hearing the wind through the leaves and the birds chirping away out in the country.We see lots of deer,butterflies,sometimes turkey,or bunnies.And the waves crashing under me and my horse as we venture a lil too far out in the ocean,watching dolphins surf right in front of us as Pelicans fly just over the ocean in perfect order,or a Bald Eagle soar above,heaven on Earth!! 

  I focused on Maddie today because she is such a constant source of joy and smiles for me.I am sure in the future you’ll get to meet some of the other sweet horses I know and love,and hear their quirky habits or heartwarming stories.They are each unique and have such interesting personalities,and they are all good for a laugh everyday! If you never have ridden,I would highly recommend it.Just being around a horse for an hour can change your life! And you may become addicted,but you’ll only reap the benefits if you do,I promise! There’s No better way to get your head straight,get centered,and escape reality than to be at one with a horse……….

   “Until Next Time…….”

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